Rustic Wood Crosses

My Inspiration:

“I am weathered but still elegant, oh, dear sisters in Jerusalem, Weathered - darkened like Kedar deserts tents, time softened like Solomon’s Temple hangings.  Don’t look down on me because I’m dark, darkened by the sun’s harsh rays.”

- (Song of Solomon 1:5) - MSG (The Message – reading Bible)


These Rustic Crosses are the perfect blend of second-hand wood that is weathered and distressed with a great deal of charm and uniqueness. 

There are few Rustic Crosses on the market, so I wanted the Cross designs to be attractive, bold and with lots of charm.  With just the right amount of distress and weathered construction, these Crosses will be a great addition to any part of your home and decor.

This Collection of Rustic Crosses is definitely imperfect by design. Yet they still promise solid construction, character and are perfect for that vacation cabin or seeking the Cross to be more about HIM and less about it's appearance.

The three (3) Rustic Wood Crosses in this Collection consist of:

  • 2 Tone Rustic Cross - 2 tone browns (light and dark) joined with imperfect joints, fading color and distressed wood. A second smaller Cross, glued behind the 2 tone front, promises a solid foundation.
  • Layered Rustic Cross - Anchored by thicker for the center cross with added wood rays. 
Take a look at the Rustic Cross pictures.  They are truly aged and weathered. I hope my perspective on the Rustic Crosses are found to be appealing.   As you will read all across this website....In the end, it is ALL about and ALWAYS will be for His Praise and Glory!  Praise Jesus!

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2 products