Bible Verse Signs (RUSTIC & ELEGANT)

Whether you are seeking a Rustic or Elegant Bible Verse Sign, HIS HOLY CROSS has the capability.  The letters in each Scripture sign are carved into the wood using a precision CNC router.  Letters are NOT applied with paint, rather they are cut directly into the wood.  Multiple options are available for Scripture Verses, Sign Sizes, Woods, Fonts and Font Colors resulting in a wide range of solutions to meet your sign and decor needs.  

General Product Descriptions include:

  • Bible VERSE Selection (In Stock or Customized) - Most Bible Verse Signs will be kept in stock.  Customized Orders are welcomed and encouraged. 
  • Sign SIZES -Five sizes are standard (8"x 8", 12"x 12", 12"x 18", 15"x 20", 18"x 24")
  • WOOD Sign Selection (Rustic or Solid Maple/Cherry/Walnut) - Your choice of Rustic or solid Maple, Cherry or Walnut to fit your personal decor.
  • FONT Selection - Several options are available
  • Font COLOR - Limited Font colors are available (White & Black). 

Lengthy consideration was given to font, font size and the emphasis of key words.  Two to three words are often emphasized to encourage the Scripture message.  In other situations, simple text was used to demonstrate the incredible beauty of the Scripture verse.

It's hard to explain the many feelings I have when I research the Scripture, Create and Program the Bible Verse Sign, finalize key Visual/Font/Layout Decisions and view the Final Outcome. Humility, Joy, Peace......  

8 products

8 products