HIS Beauty & Creation Crosses

He has made everything beautiful in its time - Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NIV)

And God saw everything that He had made and behold, it was very good - Genesis 1:31 (ESV )


As a Carpenter, Woodworker, Artist and part Engineer, I see HIS beauty in so many of the woods that I work with. "Stunning" and "beautiful" often are not descriptive enough. Epic...just starts the proper descriptive words.  My inspiration, is highlighted in this Collection.

HIS Beauty & Creation Wood Wall Crosses feature what The Lord has created by making Crosses from rare, burled, figured, fiddleback, quilted, curly, exotic and domestic woods.  I normally use a resaw method cutting the sometimes incredibly expensive figured wood into 1/8" sheets and gluing them to a baltic birch base to keep the overall cost of each down as much as possible.  I also utilize various veneer cutting strategies in an effort to take a smaller piece of wood and have it cover a larger (Cross) area.  

Nearly every HIS Beauty & Creation Wood Wall Cross is visually unique and requires a picture of the front face of the Cross to see the unique grain patterns. 

Key attributes to the HIS Beauty & Creation Wood Wall Crosses include:

  • WOODS you may or may not have ever seen - Figured Ipe?  Just an example.  What HE has done is often unseen by many.  I hope to change that! 
  • VENEER BOOK MATCHING vs. TRADITIONAL Cross Assembly - IF the Wood Grain is simply colorful (i.e PurpleHeart, Padauk, etc.) or just too random (i.e. BirdsEye Maple), I  normally do not book match the veneer. I make a traditional Cross with a single piece cross beam and single piece upright beam.  However, if there is an absolute breathtaking piece of wood that I obtain, I will arrange and or bookmatch the wood veneers to best cover the surface area of a 12" or 18" and larger cross through veneer splicing.  
  • Wood FINISH - I just don't like layers of polyurethane covering HIS wood. It makes wood look more like plastic.  Instead, I use alternatives such as hard wax finishes or Clear Lacquer protective coatings.  Take a close look at the Crosses in this collection where the wood has been sanded to 3000 grit. Figure, grain details and colors are on full display as they should be.  This is HIS Beauty and Creation! 

26 products

26 products