Hand Prayer Crosses

Basic, simple and straight forward. Yet they may speak the loudest about HIM!

HIS Cross, made of two pieces of solid wood joined at the intersection, to visually remind us, without any additional distraction or explanation, of HIS Sacrifice, Love, Forgiveness and Promise.

Although only 8" in size, these wood Crosses are the foundation of our website. 

The Wood Hand Crosses are small enough to be held in your hand for Prayer and Strength, or mounted to a wall.  Since they are meant to held, each Hand Cross is repeatedly sanded smooth after each finish application.

The 8" in stock sized wood hand Crosses are available in the following woods:

  • Bloodwood 
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Purple Heart
  • Walnut

I hope you enjoyed my inspiration, perspective and results on these Crosses. In the end, it is ALL about and ALWAYS will be for HIS Praise and Glory!  Praise Jesus!

5 products

5 products