Cross Necklaces

I have been inspired by several Scripture passages. Please see the EACH individual product page for the corresponding verse.

The Cross Necklace Collection offers personal customization across beautiful and unique options.  Solid Wood and the use of Epoxy are merged together for truly unique necklaces.  Each Cross Necklace has been designed to be proportional, elegant and not bulky and should appeal to everyone.  Customer options such as Necklace Length, Wood Type and Epoxy Color will offer individuality.  Options such as stainless steel necklaces will ensure these Necklaces are more similar to fine jewelry but at affordable prices.

The three (3) Wood and Epoxy Cross Necklaces in this Collection include:

  • Solid Wood Cross Necklace - Solid wood Cross, no joints, with options of wood types and  multiple waxed necklace cord colors and adjustable lengths available.
  • Cross of Light Necklace - Solid wood construction with colorful opaque Epoxy Resin added at the center of the each Cross piece,  Personalized wood,  epoxy color and stainless steel necklace length options are available.
  • Vibrant Harmonies - Eye catching use of both solid wood and translucent epoxy with both creatively joined together.  Each necklace is extremely unique in wood grain and how the epoxy completes the broken wood.  Heavy duty string is attached to the Cross using a crossing pattern at the Cross center that contrasts the wood and epoxy colors.  A stainless steel chain completes this beautiful necklace and is available in multiple lengths, thicknesses and chain types.
  • STAND TALL - Big, Bold and layered wood Cross necklace that is clearly visible from a distance.  This Cross Necklace is meant to speak loudly about WHO YOU ARE and WHO YOU SERVE.  Show the world.

This collection of Cross Necklaces are both unique in design and intricate in construction and will beautifully display your faith and beliefs.

7 products

7 products