HIS HOLY CROSS is a small family business, located in Northern Michigan, that is focused on creating unique wood and epoxy Crosses, necklaces, rustic Bible verse signs and gifts to share, support and deepen others' Faith in Jesus.

I located here, in this very small Village of Posen, to eventually create jobs for the surrounding rural communities.

I was late in truly accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  Lost, clueless, stubborn...all would apply.  But HE never gave up, was always there, with open arms.  To be on HIS Path brings such calm, focus and peace.


While managing this Business I focus on…..

Faith & Service. I do my best to always put the Lord first in everything. Prayer, reading the Bible, showing love, grace and kindness (I have good days and not so good days and. I still have a very long way to go). 

My passion of woodworking with Business Experience.  I’ve been able to combine my experience in Manufacturing, Customer Service, Quality and Engineering with my 30+ years in woodworking to give HIM praise and glory.

Giving Back & Spreading HIS Word.  Each purchase helps support Mission Trips, Christian Schools, new Church membership and other Outreach Programs through the donation of products and financial support.

I love the Lord.  Praise and Glory to Jesus.




HIS HOLY CROSS mission is to reach all corners of the world with HIS message of Hope, Love, Compassion, Sacrifice and Salvation by creating exceptional wood Crosses and gifts that will inspire, strengthen and share their Faith.



Exceptional Quality - Quality is our highest priority.  Our goal is to be the BEST in Product, Construction, Service and Communications.

Service - Service is our passion. We extend ourselves enthusiastically to serving people, greatly exceeding CUSTOMER expectations while creating “passionate fans".

Creativity - We are blessed to imagine and design unique products from HIS wonderful and beautiful creations.

Communications - The foundation of our success is Faith and open, honest communications with our CUSTOMERS, Suppliers and Team members.

CUSTOMER Focused - The entire CUSTOMER-Experience (from Product Design, Production Quality, Availability, Personalization, to Final Delivery and Unboxing), the CUSTOMER is our focal point. We are relentless in managing each and every step to fully delight the CUSTOMER.

Product & Financial Donations - We give praise and glory to the Lord by donating both Products and Financially to faith based groups and spreading His word globally.