His Light Epoxy Crosses

I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life”

John 8:12 (NIV)


HIS Light Epoxy and Wood Crosses are simply exceptional.  Beautiful epoxy swirls, highly polished surfaces, optional wood rays result into stunningly unique Cross every time!  The dense and colorful epoxy swirls create incredible depth, multiple shades and movement as they are viewed from varying angles.  His Light Epoxy Crosses are simply exceptionally special.   

Each individual HIS Light Cross requires at least 6 - 10 days+ to make.  They are completely worth the effort.  The surface of each Cross is nearly flawless.  I have even included some videos so you can see how the light reflects off each Cross.  


Key attributes to the HIS Light Epoxy and Wood Wall Crosses include:

  • Polished Surface - This Cross is mirror polished to such an extreme that reflections can be seen with perfect clarity. 
  • Reflection of the HIS Light Cross - The surface is so clear, that it reflects "HIS Light" wherever you are in the room.  This Cross can't help but show and reflect HIS Light.
  • Dazzling Epoxy Colors - Available in 7 colors, Rusty Copper, Sapphire Blue, Shimmering White, Rich Burgundy, Royal Gold, 2-Tone Purple and Emerald Green.  These colors sparkle in the light and reflection adding another layer of brilliance and light.
  • Epoxy Swirl Patterns - Swirl Patterns include:  DENSE Swirl, the NARROW PATH Swirl, ANGLED Swirl and the ECHO Swirl.  All Swirl patterns are reproduceable using uniquely created techniques.

My goal was to create a new Cross style that was truly unique, yet "reflected" (intentional word selection) what HE was, is and will always be.  John 8:12 was truly an inspiration for this Cross.  It took me awhile to perfect the final mirror finish and overall process.   I hope you enjoy the craftsmanship, design and meaning of HIS Light Cross.

6 products

6 products