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This is a personal preference. However, some additional thoughts are:  

Is the Cross sized properly for the wall it will hand on, or room that it is in?

Is the Cross a focal point, or an important/key part of the room's decor?

There is no wrong answer, rather just your choice. HIS HOLY CROSS makes wall Crosses and signs in a variety of sizes to fit your wall size, available space and personalized intent. 


A "D Hook" (a 10 lbs.+ weight rating) is used for items under 2 pounds. A Heavy Duty "Sawtooth" hook (20 lb. rating) hook is used for heavier crosses of 3 lbs.+

Absolutely. I offer specific customized option on nearly all Product Pages. If you have ideas for a Custom Cross, please contact me using the Custom & Commission Work tab to reach out to me with your thoughts and ideas!

Depending upon the Cross - 4 to 7 days. Epoxy Crosses take the longest since they require a few extra days to dry completely.

Wood Crosses (Epoxy) - A buffing compound that is for plastics.

Wood Crosses (His Beauty & Creation / HIS Light) - A hand rubbed hard wax. This wax soaks into the wood fiber and bonds to a hard finish. The sheen is intentionally very low to let the wood be viewed directly, rather through layers of polyurethane.

Wood Crosses (Rustic) - None

Wood Crosses (All Other) - Multiple coats of a hand rubber satin finish

Cross Necklaces - Multiple coats of a hand rubber satin finish 

Rustic Bible Verse Signs (Pallet Wood) - None

Rustic Bible Verse Signs (All other wood) - Multiple coats of a hand rubber satin finish  

ABSOLUTELY YES! The sun's UV rays will darken all wood. Specifically the brightly colored exotic woods from Africa and South America (PurpleHeart, Padauk and Bloodwood) will darken to a brown if exposed for long periods.

The wood can be sanded. Then rested in the open air to oxidize back to its original bright color.

PurpleHeart (bright Purple), Padauk (bright Orange) and Bloodwood (bright to Dark Red) will all darken in time if exposed to UV rays from the sun. These Crosses should not be in direct sunlight or they will darken quickly to a brownish color.

Good news though. They are NOT permanently damaged and can be rejuvenated quickly by sanding them, then letting them react with the air (oxidize), and they will soon take on a bright Purple, Orange or Red color again.


We carry stock of most items. Shipping is normally next day. If products are not in stock, due to high demand, a Manufacturing to Ship Time should be less than 7 days.

YES, for all shipments to the Lower Contiguous 48 States!


ALL products carry a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the item, will refund your product charges. HIS HOLY CROSS will pay for return freight.

ALL products carry 60 day warranty for manufacturing defects and workmanship issues.

A FULL and COMPLETE Warranty and Returns details are here .


Each Cross Necklace is suitable for either. A choice of wood, epoxy color and or Necklace Chain length will assist with the personalizing of your selection.